About us

We’re Tasplan, a profit-for-members super fund, managing $10.5 billion1 in assets for our members Australia-wide.

We have over 126,000 members who trust Tasplan to deliver all the things they want from their super fund.

We have a range of investment options to mix and match, so you get plenty of choice without feeling swamped. Tasplan Super members can also choose Tasplan OnTrack®, a lifecycle option that changes with them over their lives.

We look for ways to deliver value to our members by providing affordable insurance, access to low-interest loans, discounted health insurance and estate planning, meaning we offer them a range of benefits beyond just super.

When they need to reach out to us, they’ll receive the quality service that our members love. 

We’re proud of the seamless experience we deliver to all our members, because the person they talk to about their money works alongside the person who manages it, and members can reach them however they choose, whether that’s on the phone, in person or online.

We’re dedicated to operating with transparency and decency so we’re open about our fees, we don’t pay dividends to external shareholders and we don’t pay commissions to agents to promote the fund.

Doing the right thing stretches out to our communities. We place a strong focus on developing regional areas, understanding local investment opportunities and increasing prospects for the broader community.

At Tasplan, we want our members to achieve their best possible financial future by supporting them every step of the way. 

Our merger success

At Tasplan, we’ve achieved merger success that is unmatched in Australia in recent years. Since 2011, we’ve successfully undertaken five mergers. We keep the best interests of members as our key focus, creating a secure and sustainable fund that delivers positive outcomes for our members, staff and the broader community. This stands us in fantastic stead to maintain viability long term.

Here’s some more information on our recent mergers.
18 May 2017
Successor fund transfer complete

19 July 2016
All systems go for the RBF merger

15 March 2016
Tasplan and RBF merger update

1 December 2015
The Quadrant and Tasplan merger is officially complete

21 August 2015
Tasplan Super gets a big thumbs up

30 July 2015
Three Tasmanian funds plan to merge