Employer forms

  • Employer Forms

    Employer details form

    This is a form for joining Tasplan as an employer. You can use this whether or not Tasplan is the default fund.

    ATO superannuation standard choice form

    You must complete this form if you are an employer and:

    • you hire a new employee who is eligible to choose a super fund;
    • an existing eligible employee asks you for a form;
    • you cannot contribute to an employee's chosen super fund or it is no longer a complying fund; or
    • you change your employer nominated super fund (for the employee's affected by this change of fund).

    Employer contributions stopping

    Use this form to let us know if a member stops employment or provide a choice of fund nomination

    DB members stopping employment

    Use this form to let us know if a DB member stops employment

    Payroll deduction agreement

    Your employees can use this form to specify their before-tax and after-tax payroll deductions.

    Third party authorisation employer

    Use this form to give permission to your professional adviser to access information about your employees in relation to your super obligations.