Fund numbers

These are important identification numbers for Tasplan. If you're filling in forms you might need these.

  Tasplan super Tasplan Pty Ltd
ABN 14 602 032 302 13 009 563 062
USI TPN0100AU 235391
RSE R1000924 L0000680
SFN 123481940  

What numbers do I give to my employer?

If you want your employer to pay your super into Tasplan Super, give them the following details:

  • fund name: Tasplan Super
  • ABN: 14 602 032 302
  • fund address: GPO Box 1547, Hobart TAS 7001
  • fund phone: 1800 005 166
  • USI: TPN0100AU
  • your account number.

Or you can give them a copy of the Pay your super into Tasplan Super form.

Your employer might also ask you for a Tasplan Super compliance statement.

Changing jobs?

Take Tasplan with you wherever you go. 

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