Today, 16,000 organisations around the country trust Tasplan to take care of their employees’ super – surely, that many people can’t be wrong. 2015 saw some significant enhancements to Tasplan that are already benefiting our employers:

The Tasplan clearing house

Tasplan’s new clearing house makes processing your super transactions easier, faster and cheaper. And it’s free. Signing up takes about five minutes.

An in house administration system

An in house system costs less to run – this means more money in members’ pockets. It also means the people they chat to about their money work right alongside the people looking after it – a more seamless service, for sure.

A refreshed Employer Relationship team

Our team is bigger and better with more staff and improved resources. All our employers enjoy a dedicated employer relationship manager who can resolve your requests and also proactively offer insights to address your super challenges.

An in house contact centre

Your staff won’t miss out on the personal touch. The contact centre at our Hobart headquarters is only a phone call or an email away. Plus our Member Services team is regularly out and about, helping everyday Australians fix their finances.

And the best thing about registering with Tasplan?

We take the scary out of super.

We’re everyday people but we’re all over super. We give it to you straight, light on the jargon, easy on the frills.

We look forward to continuing to be at the ready with simple, practical and valuable tools to help you and your staff get your super sorted.