Choice of fund

Most employees can choose which super fund their employer pays their super contributions into.

Your choice of fund obligations in 3 steps

Step 1: figure out if your new employees are eligible to choose a fund

This generally depends on the award or industrial agreement you employ them under.

If you’re not sure which award or industrial agreement, if any, your employee is covered by, visit the Fair Work Ombudsman at

Step 2: give new employees a Standard choice form

If your new employee can choose their super fund, give them a Standard choice form before they’ve been employed with you for 28 days. (They don’t have to complete it.)

If they don’t choose a fund, pay their super contributions into your default fund's MySuper option.

Step 3: act on your employee's choice

Once your employee chooses a super fund, you have two months to arrange to pay contributions into that fund.

You must start paying super contributions to your default fund's MySuper option, if either:

  • your employee doesn't choose a fund within 28 days
  • you haven’t accepted their choice because they haven’t given you all the information you need yet.