Your default fund

By law, you have to give your employees a Standard choice form.

If Tasplan is your default fund and your employee doesn't make a choice or we’re not your default fund and your employee wishes to choose Tasplan, give them the Pay your super to Tasplan Super form to complete.

What's a default fund?

Your default fund is the fund you pay your employee's SG contributions into if they don’t choose a fund.

The super fund you choose must be a complying fund, be authorised to offer a MySuper option and offer a minimum level of life insurance. Tasplan meets the requirements – download our Compliance statement.

What’s the Tasplan difference?

We’re focused on finding the right solutions and improving employers experience by thinking ‘outside the box’. We challenge ourselves to be agile and innovative in ways that deliver a tangible benefit to you and your staff.

We make managing super for your employees easy by providing access to our online clearing house and a service team to support your HR and payroll team, all at no cost.

Our understanding of members allows us to customise our services to suit their lifestyle at every life stage, this means that we grow and evolve with your staff as they progress throughout their career.

We can visit your staff and make it easy for them to feel in control of their money by talking to them in a way that’s easy to understand so they feel informed, not over-whelmed.

We have a range of investment options to mix and match, so your staff get plenty of choice without feeling swamped. Tasplan Super members can also choose Tasplan OnTrack®, a lifecycle option that changes with them over their lives.

We look for further ways to deliver value to you and your staff by providing affordable insurance, access to low-interest loans and discounted health insurance, meaning we offer them a range of benefits beyond just super.

Why choose Tasplan for your business?

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