Your default fund

By law, you have to give your employees a Standard choice form.

If Tasplan is your default fund and your employee does not make a choice or we’re not your default fund and your employee wishes to choose Tasplan, give them the Pay your super into Tasplan Super form to complete.

What is a default fund?

Your default fund is the fund you pay your employee's super guarantee contributions into if they don’t choose a fund.

The super fund you choose must usually be a complying fund, be authorised to offer a MySuper option and offer a minimum level of life insurance. (Tasplan meets the requirements – download our compliance statement.)

Why choose Tasplan as your default fund?

It’s illegal for a super fund to provide benefits to you to get you to use their fund as your default – so, sorry, we can’t shout you a free trip to Hawaii.

But there are lots of other great reasons to choose Tasplan.

First and foremost, we're all about you and your employees.

We're an industry fund, so all of Tasplan's profits go to members. We have all the products and services you need (including a MySuper offering), our people will always go the extra mile for you. That might mean dropping into your workplace to iron out a super admin glitch or catching up with a couple of your employees to make sure they have enough of the right insurance. Whatever you need from us, we’ll do our darndest to provide.

We also tick all of ASIC's consumer-friendly fund boxes
  • Clear, meaningful information about investment strategy, long-term performance, investments and managing investment risk
  • Efficient, low-cost administration
  • A clear explanation of the relationship between the trustee and fund managers
  • A good record in dealing with members and regulators
  • On-time Annual reports, performance updates and newsletters
  • A useful helpline or website

If you’d like to know how Tasplan stacks up against other funds, check out our ‘Why Tasplan?' section.

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