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Super for retirement red-zoners

Work is still a buzz but your screensaver is all beaches, cruise ships, palm trees and swim-up bars promising cocktails with cherry garnishes and paper umbrellas. You’re starting to feel like working on your garden, golf games or renos could be a full-time occupation, if you just had the time. And your annual leave just doesn’t stretch to enough hours with your interstate family – especially with grandkids on the horizon.

Studies have found that generally, people need about two thirds of their current annual income in retirement. So, if you're currently earning $60,000 you may need around $40,000 to fund each year of your retirement.

Now’s the time to really pump up your super to make sure you achieve a retirement you can live with and live on.

Here’s how:

5 ways to boost your super when retirement’s on the radar

1. Get advice

No, not from your mate who studied commerce in the 70s or from your Aunt who’s married to a stockbroker.

Get professional financial advice. A financial planner can make sure you’re minimising your tax, maximising your money and receiving all your entitlements. A small outlay from your super account now could save you literally thousands in the future.

We offer everything from general advice about your Tasplan account at no extra charge to referrals for personal advice for a very competitive fee.

2. Pay extra into your super

Get organised and make extra contributions (even $20 a week can make a huge difference).

Check out our Contributions calculator to find out the best way or our Retirement $ projector to see if you’re on track.

3. Make sure you’re maximising your money

There are a bunch of tips and tricks for pumping up your super – and some of them won’t cost you a cent. Have a look at our list for some quick wins.

4. Consider a transition to retirement strategy

This could help you in one of two ways. You may be able to:

  • reduce your work hours and top up your lower salary with payments from your super

  • boost your super savings without cutting back on your lifestyle.

Find out more about transition to retirement.

5. Make a downsizer contribution into your super

If you’re 65 years or over, you can make a downsizer contribution of up to $300,000 into your super from the sale proceeds of your family home. Conditions apply.

Find out more about making a downsizer contribution.

Next steps

With retirement looming, it can really pay to get financial advice.

Get advice