Member documents

  • Member guides and related information

    Tasplan Super guide

    This is a summary of significant information you need to know about becoming a member of Tasplan Super. It includes the Join Tasplan Super form but you can also join online

    Tasplan Pension guide

    This contains all the information about our Tasplan Pensions. It includes the Join Tasplan Pension form.

    Fees and costs

    This provides more information about the fees and costs of investing in super and fee definitions.

    How super is taxed

    This provides more information about providing your tax file number and tax on contributions, investment earnings and withdrawals.

    How super works

    This provides more information about how your Tasplan account works, different types of contributions, contribution caps, accessing your super and nominating beneficiaries.

    Insurance guide

    This provides more information about insurance under Tasplan Super. It includes details about premiums, eligibility, cancellation, conditions and exclusions which may affect your entitlement to cover. 

    Investment guide

    This provides more information about the risks of super, how we invest your money and investment options.

    How to open an account

    This provides more information about how to join Tasplan, what communications you’ll receive, the cooling-off period, how to make a complaint and protecting your privacy. 

  • Official guides and statements

    Financial services guide

    This guide provides information about Tasplan services, how Tasplan representatives are remunerated and your rights as a member if you have a complaint. 

    Tasplan Super compliance statement

    Give this to your employer as evidence of Tasplan being a complying fund.

  • Fact sheets and other resources

    Boost your spouse's super

    This explains the spouse contribution tax offset available in certain circumstances and how you can split your eligible contributions with your spouse. 

    Boosting your super with government help

    This provides information on the co-contribution and low income superannuation tax offset strategies, including the income thresholds.

    Claiming tax deductions for contributions

    This fact sheet provides information in relation to the claiming of tax deductions for contributions.

    COVID-19 Early access to super

    From 20 April 2020, the government is allowing individuals in financial stress, as a result of Covid-19, to access some of their super. Eligibility criteria apply.

    Early access to your super

    This explains the special circumstances where you may be able to access your super early.

    First home super saver scheme

    This provides information on using the tax-friendly environment of super to help save a deposit for your first home.

    Getting ready to retire?

    This provides information on Tasplan's Pension option and how they can help take the worry out of your retirement. 

    Guide to providing proof of ID

    This explains how to provide your proof of ID.

    How much do you need in retirement?

    An ASFA guide to retirement budgets for modest and comfortable lifestyles.

    How much super do you need?

    This provides information on how to work out how much super you’ll need in retirement. 

    Making a death claim

    This explains the process for dealing with a death claim.

    Market volatility

    This fact sheet provides information on what you should do with your super when market volatility strikes.

    Nominating your beneficiaries

    This explains the different types of nominations you can make for your death benefit.

    Retirement bonus

    This provides information on a bonus you may be eligible to receive when you open a Tasplan Pension account.

    Salary sacrifice and super

    This provides information on the salary sacrifice strategy.

    Super and family law

    This explains the process of what can happen with your super while going through a divorce.

    Super contributions

    This provides information on the different ways you can contribute extra money to help grow your super savings.

    Tasplan Online

    This provides information on what you can do in Tasplan Online to look after your super.  

    Temporary residents departing Australia

    This explains how you can claim the super you earned as a temporary resident once you leave Australia. 

    Thinking of downsizing your home?

    This provides information on how members aged 65 and over could contribute the proceeds from the sale of their family home to super.

    Transferring your super to a KiwiSaver

    If you’re permanently moving to New Zealand, you can transfer your Australian super to a KiwiSaver scheme under the Trans-Tasman portability scheme.

    Why you should contribute early

    This provides information on what contributing early could mean for your super balance at retirement.