Unit prices

As at 16 August 2018


Investment option Unit price History
Tasplan OnTrack
Build 1.899815 view
Sustain 1.854119 view
Control 1.812255 view
Maintain 1.772867 view
Growth   2.012862 view
Sustainable   1.239647 view
Balanced   1.851925 view
Moderate   1.172702 view
Conservative   1.594401 view
Australian shares   1.361893 view
International shares   1.295632 view
Fixed interest   1.080102 view
Cash   1.278157 view
Property   1.130616 view


Investment option Unit price History
Property 1.151578 view
Growth 2.157327 view
Sustainable 1.271269 view
Balanced 2.049010 view
Moderate 1.195822 view
Conservative 1.691051 view
Australian shares 1.419304 view
International shares 1.331917 view
Fixed interest 1.091159 view
Cash 1.327236 view

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