Unit prices

As at 13 October 2017


Investment option Unit price History
Tasplan OnTrack
Build 1.7363 view
Sustain 1.7145 view
Control 1.696 view
Maintain 1.6775 view
Growth   1.8356 view
Sustainable   1.1596 view
Balanced   1.7136 view
Moderate   1.1102 view
Conservative   1.5348 view
Australian shares   1.207 view
International shares   1.1878 view
Fixed interest   1.0635 view
Cash   1.2582 view
Property   1.0436 view


Investment option Unit price History
Property 1.0491 view
Growth 1.9497 view
Sustainable 1.1821 view
Balanced 1.8765 view
Moderate 1.1257 view
Conservative 1.6201 view
Australian shares 1.2469 view
International shares 1.2074 view
Fixed interest 1.0713 view
Cash 1.3045 view

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