What super is and how it works

Looking for some super basics? You’ve found them.

We can help you set yourself up for a retirement you can live with and live on. It doesn't have to take heaps of time and energy. Your super is a bit like a self-watering pot plant – a little TLC now and then goes a long way towards a healthy result.

What is super?

Super is a way to save for retirement.

Your employer usually contributes a percentage of your salary to your super fund. It’s a good idea to top up these contributions using your own money. Sometimes the government adds to your super through co-contributions, too.

We invest your savings, so your money grows over time. This means when you retire, you will have money to live on.

What's so special about super?

What makes super so special is the way it is taxed. Unlike the returns on other investments, which are typically taxed at marginal income tax rates (as high as 45%), super investment returns are generally taxed at only 15%.

This low rate of tax means super can potentially grow in value faster than other investments.

Why top up your super?

There are heaps of reasons to grow your super, some of these are:

  • you might live to be 100, so your money needs to last

  • the cost of living will keep going up

  • the age pension alone won’t fund a comfortable retirement

  • investing in super has tax benefits

  • you might be eligible for bonus contributions from the government.

How to grow your super

We can show you simple ways to boost your super so you’ll likely have more money in retirement – and some of them won’t cost you a cent!

Next steps

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