The time has come to use the money you’ve saved for retirement. A Tasplan Pension account is the perfect way to access your savings.

We’ll set you up an account, and help you set regular payment that suits your lifestyle. You can also withdraw any lump sums you need for those one-off expenses.

Step one

Make sure you're eligible to access your super. Penalties apply if you illegally access your super early. Find out when you can access your super.

What's a Tasplan Pension?

A Tasplan Pension account is like a savings or investment account. You can withdraw money from it and you can set it up to pay you automatically, just like a regular pay day.

Your pension starts when you transfer a minimum of $20,000 from your existing super (or another eligible source – another retirement savings account or a redundancy payment, for example).

There's a $1.6 million balance cap on the amount you can transfer to a pension account. This total amount applies across all pension accounts you have.

Tasplan Pension benefits

We’re not tied to any particular industry or owned by any financial institution. We’re here to provide the best deal we can for our members. Our benefits include:

Payment flexibility 

As long as you stick to a few government rules1, you can decide how much and how often you want to receive your pension payments, you might like payments fortnightly, twice-monthly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly payments.
You can also make lump-sum withdrawals at any time, on top of your regular pension.

1 The government prescribes the minimum amount you must draw from your pension each year. There’s no maximum amount for standard Tasplan Pension accounts. See Tasplan Pension member guide for details about minimum pension amounts.

Retirement bonus 

A bonus you may be eligible to receive when you open a standard Tasplan Pension.

Investment choice 

10 investment options available, each with a different investment return objective and strategy and varying levels of expected risk and return.

You can choose how your money is invested and which investment options your pension payments will be paid from. You can switch your investment options at any time.

Low fees 

Low administration fees. No joining fees, contribution fees, switching fees or buy-sell spreads.

Tasplan Online

Provides you with:

  • up-to-date information so you can check your account details or balance
  • the ability to update your personal details, switch your investment options, request a lump-sum withdrawal or change your pension payments, including your bank details at any time. 
Tax advantages
  • Once you reach age 60, you don't pay any tax on regular payments or lump sum withdrawals.
  • You generally don't pay tax on any earnings or capital gains from your standard Tasplan Pension.
  • Any benefits received before age 60 are generally taxed but you may also receive tax offsets that, depending on your circumstances, help to reduce your tax bill substantially.
Decide where your money goes if you die 

Complete a Binding death benefit nomination form.

For more information on the benefits of a Tasplan Pension, check out our Tasplan Pension Member guide

How to start a Tasplan Pension

Easy! Just contact us. We'll check that you're eligible, give you a hand with the paperwork (you can find this in our Tasplan Pension Member guide if you want a head start) and set up your account.

Next steps

Make sure your savings will last the distance with our easy Retirement $ projector.

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PS If you need more information online right now, download our Tasplan Pension Member guide.