Online security tips

How can I improve my Tasplan Online account security?

Tasplan has comprehensive security protocols in place to protect your super and confidential information but you also have an important role to play in security.

For added protection of your super, register your mobile number on your account. This is part of an enhanced security measure called two-factor authentication where in addition to logging in with your password, you need to enter an SMS code to perform certain actions on your account.

The Federal Government also provides practical information on its Stay Smart Online website. It includes information such as managing credentials, emails and digital safety at home.

What transactions do I need a mobile number for?

To complete the following transactions in Tasplan Online or the Tasplan app, you’ll need to have an Australian mobile number registered in Tasplan Online and have your phone handy:

  • make a part withdrawal (lump sum) from your pension account or accumulation account (if eligible)
  • change the bank account your current pension is paid to
  • change your current pension details (frequency, payment type, payment amount)
  • update your personal details.

What transactions don’t I need a mobile for?

You can still change your password or make an investment switch using Tasplan Online or the Tasplan app without needing to enter an SMS code.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication relies on you using both something you know (a password) and something only you have (a one-time PIN code sent to your phone). This reduces the risk of someone accessing your account and transferring money, even if they’ve obtained your member number and password. You’ll also get an SMS notification if someone is trying to misuse your account, as their activities will trigger a secure code to your mobile phone.

Introducing the Tasplan app

Here’s a few easy tips to help you stay safe while you manage your super account on the go:

  • only use our official app
  • keep the app updated
  • log out when you’re done - this will help protect you if your phone ends up in the hands of the wrong person
  • don’t use the same PIN that unlocks your mobile device for your Tasplan app
  • don’t share your PIN with anyone
  • consider adding mobile options such as the ability to remotely find, lock or wipe your device.

If you suspect someone has fraudulently accessed your mobile device or your account, contact us ASAP on 1800 005 166 between 8.30am-5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Can I use my Tasplan app on more than one device?

Yes! You can have the app on your mobile phone for when you’re out-and-about, as well as your tablet or iPad at home.

How do I change my Tasplan app PIN?

If you want to change your PIN, or you’ve forgotten it:

  • open the app and tap to sign in
  • click the ‘Forgot PIN’ button on the number pad
  • enter your Tasplan member number and password and click ‘Get PIN’
  • then enter a new PIN, confirm the new PIN and you’re on your way again.

I have the Tasplan app and my mobile device is lost or stolen – what do I do?

If your mobile device is lost or stolen, contact us ASAP on 1800 005 166 between 8.30am-5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Make sure you follow the tips above to manage your app security.

Some simple ways to help improve your online security (for any online accounts)

The most effective things you can do to improve the security of online accounts is password and PIN management.

  • Use a password that’s difficult for others to guess. Don’t use easily identifiable patterns like repeating or sequential numbers.
  • Don’t use the PIN that unlocks your mobile device for your super or banking apps.
  • Change your password regularly and change your PIN at the same time.
  • Don’t write down or record your password or PIN or give your password to another person. Your password protects access to your account details and should never be shared.
  • If you’re planning to give away or sell your mobile device, change your PIN and password as soon as you've registered your new device.

Other things you can do:

  • avoid using public computers to access your account such as internet cafes and libraries as they may not be protected with the latest anti-virus software, or they may contain keystroke-tracking software
  • before logging in to your Tasplan account, always ensure the website you’re logging in from is
  • don’t leave your computer unattended while you’re logged in to your Tasplan account
  • always log out of your account after completing your transaction by using the Log out link at the top of your screen
  • ensure you have up-to-date security software installed on your computer before performing online transactions.

Setting a new password

To improve the security of your new password, we recommend as a minimum it:

  • is at least eight characters long
  • contains at least one upper case and one lower case character (passwords are case sensitive)
  • contains at least one numeric and one alpha character
  • doesn’t contain a sequence of three or more ascending or descending characters such as abc or cba
  • is not a commonly-used word or one that could be easily guessed such as password or the name of a family member, as these may not be accepted by our system.