Age Pension and super

Knowing where your money will come from, and how much you might have is an important part of preparing for retirement.

Your retirement income is typically made up of two parts, your super and some kind of pension payment or government allowance (if eligible).

Your super balance may impact your government pension entitlements, so here’s some information about the Age Pension.

The eligibility basics

You need to meet eligibility requirements to get the Age Pension, these include:

You can find, estimate and compare payments and services you may be eligible for using Centrelink’s Payment and Service finder.

Payment rates

There are different Age Pension payment rates for single people and couples. There are also different rates for some people who were getting a pension in 2009.

Centrelink use income and asset tests to work out how much Age Pension you’ll get.

Find out the current payment rates

Access your Centrelink Schedule

Simply log in to Tasplan Online, navigate to Pension details > Centrelink schedule > Request a new schedule and download or print a copy.

Before starting a pension with Tasplan, we recommend that you check with Centrelink in the event any existing payments are impacted.