Retirement income

We understand that with a big life change, like a transition from work to retirement, there often comes worry. Will I have enough to live the life I want? What if the market crashes? How can I use my savings sustainably?

When you choose a Tasplan Pension account we make it easy to feel in control of your money. You get the flexibility to decide how much and how often you receive your pension payments. So, if you decided to go on a holiday, or need some extra money to cover unexpected medical costs you can easily make a withdrawal.

And, if you need us, we’re here ready to help you in person or over the phone. When you reach out to us, you’ll receive the quality service that our members love. In fact, our members rated us Industry Superannuation Fund of the Year in the 2017 Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards.

And don’t forget, when you open a Tasplan Pension account, you may be eligible for a Retirement bonus.

Begin your retirement journey with a Tasplan Pension account.


 Why choose a Tasplan Pension?

Retirement bonus When you open a Tasplan Pension with money from your Tasplan Super account you could receive a payment called the Retirement bonus.
Low fees No joining fees, no contribution fees and low administration fees may mean your savings can last longer than they would in some other funds.
Competitive returns Tasplan members have enjoyed consistently competitive returns.
Professional investment management With a Tasplan Pension your money is professionally managed on your behalf by our experienced Investments team. You can choose from ten different investment options depending on the level of risk you’re comfortable with and the goals you’re hoping to achieve.
Flexibility We provide you with the flexibility to make decisions about your retirement income. You can choose, how much, how often, how it’s invested and what happens to it when you die.
Help when you need it We’re local, personal and ready to help you, in person or over the phone. We’re here for you when you join, and down the track when you may need us.
Online access Tasplan Online is a secure online service that gives you up to date information about your account and allows you to manage your pension from your mobile, tablet or computer. You can even download our Tasplan app for easy 4 digit PIN access to your account.
Peace of mind You can have peace of mind, knowing your super is in the hands of a company that has been managing the super accounts of Australians for over 25 years.

Want to open a Tasplan Pension account?

Call us on 1800 005 166, or email us at and we’ll give you the information you need to set up your Tasplan Pension.

Or, if you’d like to do it yourself, you can find the Join Tasplan Pension form and information about how to apply at the back of our Tasplan Pension guide.


Want to open a Tasplan Pension account?

You can find the Join Tasplan Pension form and information about how to apply at the back of our Tasplan Pension guide.

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