Retirement income

So, you’re getting ready to retire?

We understand that with a big life change, like a transition from work to retirement, there often comes worry. Will I have enough to live the life I want? What if the market crashes? How can I use my savings sustainably?

So, how do you choose the option that will best suit you?

If you’ve reached preservation age and retired, or turned 65, chances are you’re looking at what pension options are available to you.

That’s where we can help.

Tasplan is a multi‑industry, profit‑for‑members super fund, so we’re all about doing what’s best for you. And we’ve helped thousands of members with their retirement, Australia‑wide.

Why choose a Tasplan Pension for your retirement journey?

Peace of mind  You can have peace of mind, knowing your super is in the hands of a company that has been managing the super accounts of Australians for over 30 years.
Help when you need it We’re ready to help you, in person or over the phone. We’re here for you when you join, and down the track when you may need us.
Flexibility We provide you with the flexibility to change your retirement income to suit your lifestyle. And if something unexpected happens you may be able to make lump-sum withdrawals to help you out.
Retirement bonus When you open a Tasplan Pension with money from your Tasplan Super account, you could receive a payment called the Retirement bonus.
Low fees Joining fees don’t apply, and we don’t charge you to change your investments or make withdrawals.
We return all profits to our members and we don’t pay commissions to financial planners or agents for promoting Tasplan.
Low administration fees may mean your savings could last longer than they would in some other funds.
Competitive returns Tasplan members have enjoyed consistently competitive returns.
Professional investment management With a Tasplan Pension your money is professionally managed on your behalf by our experienced Investments team. Depending on the pension option you choose, you may have access to ten different investment options.
Online access Tasplan Online gives you up-to-date information about your account and allows you to manage your pension from your mobile, tablet or computer. You can even download our Tasplan app for easy 4 digit PIN access to your account.

With a Tasplan Pension there’s an option to suit you and your lifestyle.

Generally speaking, there are three common sources of income accessed by Australians in retirement. There’s the government Age Pension, the pension you can get from your hard-earned super savings and any other savings or investments you have elsewhere. Some members may use more than one source of income in retirement.

At Tasplan, we offer our members access to a Transition Pension, a Managed Pension, and/or a Control Pension.

Which option is for me?

At Tasplan, we’re here to help. We can meet with you to explain your Tasplan Pension options and their features and if you’d like more help, we can even set you up with one of our financial planners.

Whichever Tasplan Pension option you choose, we make it easy to feel in control of your money.

Any retirement planning should consider the income from your super, as well as any Government benefits you may be entitled to. Before starting a pension with Tasplan, we recommend that you check with Centrelink in the event any existing payments are impacted.