Control Pension

A Control Pension is designed to give you flexibility and control.

How could a Control Pension work for me?

If you want to control how long your retirement savings last, setting up a Control Pension will give you payment flexibility and access to our full range of investment options.

Benefits of a Control Pension:

  • turn your super into regular and flexible income payments
  • your payments are generally tax-free from age 60
  • control to create an investment strategy that suits you (using our range of 10 investment options)
  • your retirement savings continue to grow as your account stays invested
  • tax-free investment earnings
  • boost your retirement savings with a Retirement bonus. Eligibility criteria apply
  • flexibility to access your super whenever you need it, or change to a Managed Pension if your needs change.

Retirement is different for everyone.

If you’re thinking about a Control Pension it’s best to speak to one of our qualified financial planners to find a solution that best suits you.

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