Retirement bonus

You may receive a Retirement bonus when you start a Managed or Control Pension, subject to eligibility rules. If you’re eligible, the bonus is calculated and paid into your Tasplan Super account before your pension starts, and is included in the amount you transfer to start your pension.

Why do I get the Retirement bonus?

When we transfer your money to a tax-free Tasplan Pension account like Managed or Control Pension, the money that we put aside to pay certain taxes while your money was in the accumulation phase (Tasplan Super) can be returned to you.

Am I eligible?

You’ll be eligible to receive the Retirement bonus when you first start a Managed or Control Pension. 

You can only receive the bonus once and it won’t apply to any new accounts your open or top ups you may do in the future.

You won’t be eligible for the bonus if you:

  • start a Transition Pension
  • convert your Transition Pension to a Managed or Control Pension
  • held a standard Tasplan Pension account before 1 July 2018
  • are the recipient of a reversionary account.

Next steps:

You don’t need to apply for the Retirement bonus, it’s calculated and paid to your account automatically. If you want more information, read our Retirement bonus fact sheet.