Transition Pension

A Transition Pension is designed to help you transition into retirement. You can boost your super or reduce your work hours leading into retirement.

How could a Transition Pension work for me?

A Transition Pension lets you access some of your super while you’re under 65 years of age and still working.

This pension option is designed for members using a transition to retirement strategy. By topping up your take-home pay using pension payments from your super, a Transition Pension can help you ease into retirement.

With a salary sacrifice strategy and a Transition Pension you may be able to grow your super faster, or work less without reducing your take-home pay before you retire.

Benefits of a Transition Pension:

  • access some of your super early by receiving regular pension payments
  • your retirement savings continue to grow as your account stays invested
  • your payments are generally tax-free from age 60
  • you may be able to:
    • work less - reduce your working hours to start transitioning into retirement. Your pension payments help minimise any reduction in your pay from reducing your hours
    • save more - grow your super faster in the years before you stop working.

Transitioning to retirement is different for everyone.

If you’re thinking about a Transition Pension it’s best to speak to one of our qualified financial planners to find a solution that best suits you.

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