Your super account

Your Tasplan Super account, an accumulation account, operates in a similar way to a bank account – money goes in and money goes out. This is the most common type of super account.

Generally speaking, the amount of super you have when you’re ready to retire will be a result of:

  • how much was contributed (either by you or your employer or both)
  • the investment returns you received
  • how much you paid in fees and insurance costs
  • how long your money was invested.

You can learn more about your account by checking out our Tasplan Super guide or by reading on.

Do I need to do anything to my account?

Not if you don’t want to. We have default arrangements that are designed to help maximise your super over your lifetime. However, you might like to learn more about your account and make some changes to help you achieve the retirement you want.

As a Tasplan member you benefit from

See our Why choose Tasplan Super? fact sheet for ways you can benefit from being a Tasplan member or click on one of the options below.