Personal contributions

Making after-tax contributions to your super.

Have some spare cash to put into super? It’s quick and easy to make a contribution from your after-tax pay to your Tasplan account – here’s how.

How to make a contribution


You’ll need the biller code and your reference number which are shown on your account summary, Member statement and in Tasplan Online.

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Every little bit helps

A great way to add to your super is to make your own regular contributions, above what your employer already pays. You can also do a one-off payment, small or large (up to certain limits) – the choice is yours.

Even throwing in a spare $50 each month could turn into thousands when it comes to retirement.

Claiming tax deductions for personal contributions

You may be able to claim a tax deduction for personal contributions you make to Tasplan if, during the financial year:

Refer to the Claiming tax deductions for contributions fact sheet for more information. You should seek professional advice before claiming a tax deduction to work out if it's good idea for you. 

Want more details on contributions?

Our Super contributions fact sheet can help. 

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What's the best way for you to make extra contributions to your super?

MoneySmart's easy Super contributions optimiser can show you.

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