Changing jobs

Avoid ending up with more than one super fund and paying more than one set of fees. Take your super with you when you change jobs.

If you don’t tell your new employer where to pay your super, you may end up with multiple super funds - the more you have, the more you might pay in fees. Paying multiple sets of fees can reduce your overall super balance at retirement.

By law most Australian’s can choose where their employer pays their super contributions. All you need to do is provide instructions to your employer.



Step 1:

Log in to your account.


Step 2:

Go to Contributions > Making contributions.


Step 3:

Follow the prompt to Pay your super to Tasplan.

All you’ll need to do is hand this to your employer and make sure they pay your super to Tasplan.

If your employer has given you a form, you’ll need these numbers, or you can simply follow the steps above.