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You could save thousands with a few clicks - let us do the work for you.

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Combine your super

Try our easy-to-use tool that’ll find and combine your super for you.

How many super accounts do you have? Two, three, no idea? Maybe one for every job you've ever had? The more you have, the more you might be paying in fees.

What does it do?

It’s quick and easy and will help you find and combine your super into Tasplan. It’ll even search for any lost super you didn’t know about. Don’t put it off any longer, do it today!

Why is combining your super accounts a good idea?

You’ll save on fees

Having multiple super accounts means paying multiple sets of fees which can reduce your overall super balance at retirement.

It will be easier to manage

Having all your super in the one place makes managing it much easier. You’ll only have to go to the one spot to find how much you have in retirement savings.

Take us with you

Stick to having just one account by taking us with you every time you start a new job.