Income protection

Income protection cover provides a replacement income when you’re unable to work because you’re sick or injured. And why wouldn’t you insure your most valuable asset – that is, your capacity to earn money?

Tasplan income protection is both affordable and flexible

We negotiate with our insurer for discounted group rates which means that you generally pay less than you would if you personally applied for cover. And the cost of cover is paid out of your Tasplan account rather than from your pocket, so it doesn’t affect your take-home pay.

How do you get cover with Tasplan?

There are a number of ways to get cover with Tasplan:

How to get cover When you get cover

Default cover

If eligible, automatically provided after certain conditions are met.

Opt in early for default cover

If you’re eligible for default income protection, an option to take this up when you first join Tasplan, before you meet all the conditions.

Fixed cover

You can apply for this at any time but your application will need to be accepted by our insurer.

Transferring cover

Transfer your cover and account from another super fund.

Conditions apply. For more information on eligibility requirements, see our Insurance guide.

Are you a member of Tasplan?

If you’re a member of Tasplan, log in to Tasplan Online to check your current insurance arrangements.

Tasplan Online has everything you need to manage your insurance. You can:

  • work out how much cover you may need
  • get a quote for the cost of your cover
  • apply for or change your cover and
  • start a claim for insurance benefits.

If you’re still not sure, you may want to get advice specific to your personal circumstances.

See our Insurance guide for information on claims for income protection.

Cancelling or reducing your income protection cover

You can cancel or reduce your income protection cover at any time:

When you cancel your cover:

  • you won’t be able to make a claim for insurance benefits for events or conditions that arise after your cover has been cancelled
  • we’ll no longer deduct insurance costs from your account, once your final insurance costs have been deducted
  • if you’re replacing your cover, you shouldn’t cancel your existing cover until the replacement cover is in place
  • you can get independent financial advice to help you to decide whether you should cancel your cover.