Occupation ratings

Occupation ratings are used to work out the cost of your cover. This reflects the different level of risk for different types of work.

You should check your occupation rating to make sure you’re not paying more than you need for your insurance.

Want to check your occupation rating?

If you’re a member of Tasplan, log in to Tasplan Online to check your occupation rating. You can apply to update your occupation rating through Tasplan Online.

Occupation ratings

The type of work you do will determine your occupation rating. The cost of your cover will depend on your occupation rating. Generally, the riskier your job, the more you pay for insurance.Your occupation rating will apply for all types of cover your hold with Tasplan.

There are three occupation ratings which reflect the different levels of risk associated with different jobs. You’ll need to apply to have your occupation rating assessed.

General Office Professional

You’ll be rated General when your cover starts.

You may be eligible for the Office occupation rating if the duties of your occupation are limited to professional, managerial, administrative, clerical, secretarial or similar ‘white collar’ nature tasks which don’t involve manual work or teaching and are undertaken entirely within an office environment, excluding travel time from one office environment to another.

You may be eligible for the Professional occupation rating if:

  • you’re eligible for the Office occupation rating
  • you earn over $100,000 each year
  • you either:
    • have tertiary qualifications1
    • are a registered member of a professional institute or governing body in relation to your profession or
    • work in a management role.

For more information on occupation ratings see our Insurance guide.